Saturday, May 1, 2010

Busy Day

Look how fast she runs

So into playing soccer.

What a fun busy day. Brilee and I woke up early, probably around 6:30, her daddy was asleep on the couch and she hadn't seen him since he picked her up from school so she was excited to see him. He was quite as excited to see her, he had worked until 3:00 am and being tired probably would have been an understatement. He had to be to traffic court at 8:00 so she and i were on our own for soccer.

What a day for soccer. It started off as a nice day but ended up raining half way through and by the end she was drenched. She didn't mind, well not until she slipped in the mud and got rather dirty. She then ran to Nana crying and wanting to go get some chocolate milk and pancakes from McDonalds. I told her to get back on the field and we'd leave when it was over. She happily ran back and had fun. She really is a natural when it comes to soccer. She really has good control of the ball. Which is very surprising for a 4 year old. A future soccer star

Since it was rainy and dreary she just stayed home and did some crafts. Brilee sure loves the stickers, scissors, paper, glue and die-cuts. She can sit at the table for hours on end creating. She also has many imaginary friends that keep her company. I love listening to the conversations she has with her many invisible friends. She is so creative and smart. (maybe it is just a Nana talking I don't know)