Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Busy Weekend

Went to Brittany and Reddell's for the weekend, we decided to take Brilee with us as Britt doesn't get to spend much time with her. Although britt has been home a couple times in the past few months she is so busy she doesn't get to spend time with Brilee like she'd like. Plus Reddell hadn't seen her since Christmas and he was ready.
We got to Chesterfield on Friday at 4:00, we upacked the car and then headed to dinner at Outback, that was so good, but we ate too much so we headed to the mall to walk it off. Then off to get ice cream.
Saturday morning we got up and headed out to some garage sales and then snuck some shopping in. After that it was time to hit the pool. Brilee, Brittany and Reddell had so much fun. Brilee was the mermaid, Brittany was the mermaid mom and Reddell was the shark.
That evening Bert and Reddell invited 3 couple friends of theirs over for fun and games. We played Tabu, now that was fun, we had many laughs and learned a lot. Especially about Australia. (thank Reddell)

Brilee loving on her Aunt "B" she loves her soo much and the feelings are mutual
Uncle "R"

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